Sunday Art Day

I always enjoy quiet Sunday mornings. I have no where pressing to be and can take my time with my morning coffee. My cats love the snuggle time even though everyday is Sunday for them.

Today I decided to play around with my sketchbook. Since I lost my old one, the last visit to Walmart inspired me to buy a new one.

To be honest, I was looking for beads and ended up in the art aisle. All is good. I have my sketchbook.

I like working with pencil. Sometimes I will experiment with ink.


Today I used some pastels my mom gave me years ago.


I’m not very confident with them so I rarely dig them out.Since today was play-around day, I decided to give them another whirl.


I had a lot of fun using the pastels but I still have a lot of practice to do if I want to conquer this media.

In the meantime, that will have┬áto wait until I finish these other projects…


need a studio


What is your media of choice and which one intimidates you?