SELLing (Out) Artwork Online

If you have ever been to my place, you’d notice that most of the items hanging on my walls are my artwork. I don’t have them up because I think I’m crazy good or anything like that, it’s because it is easier to take photos so I can post my work online for sale. Plus, I’m too lazy to take them down.


My busy schedule does not always allow me the time to get involved in 2nd Saturday Art Walks here in Sacramento. So, I rely on social media and online stores to showcase my work.

I list the originals on Etsy and eBay but since I charge by the time it takes me to finish a piece, my prices are higher than most.

Lately, I have been listing my work on media and custom design sites like Zazzle and Fine Art America.

These sites allow me to upload my photography

“Edge of the World” (C) 2012

or artwork images and have them placed on different items for sale – like pillows or reprints.elegant_elephant_drop_earrings-rfaf8c1205ff64113ba705b4e99efe346_6ws7o_512 Zazzle offers a wide variety of items my work can be added to – including earrings! My images can be for my private use or can be made public. If someone uses any of my public images to customize their item, I get paid.


I have experienced some negative feedback from fellow artists, accusing me of “selling out.”

How could I possibly allow my artwork to be put on trinkets or, heaven forbid, shower curtains? Yes, even shower curtains.ginger-renee-michelle

Who wouldn’t want this Ginger staring you down every time they had to do their business? LOL

I love to create and if having my work on water bottles or pillow covers makes it easier and more cost-effective for others to purchase my work, why not? Does it devalue my originals? Perhaps, I cannot say for sure. All I know is one day, I’ll be walking down the street and see my work on the cover of someone’s custom water bottle. I’ll smile because out of all the images they could have picked, they picked mine. 🙂

Have you, as an artist, ever used any of these sites? Share your experiences in the comment section.