Never Too Old To Learn

When I first started painting again, after my divorce, I was never really confident in drawing or painting faces. I used magazine ads and would morph faces in to objects, mainly flowers. rose.JPGSometimes just floating…


As time went on, all I did was faces. The eyes were always my main focal point. As it is said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”


Lately, there has been some time-lapsed videos that artists are putting out. I was watching on artist in awe as he took simple brush strokes and created life-life portraits. I have never wanted to do life-like work.

Yet, I want to perfect my skill set so I took some quick notes and decided to try out his  style of painting.

I spent all day Saturday painting. I completed one in a few hours, DeathRosewhich was a challenge since I have been using olive oil to mix with the oil paints – takes forever to dry. I don’t like linseed oil and I don’t have much lavender oil, so… it’s the waiting game.





In the meantime, I’m going to be patient with this piece below. I’m very happy with how the eyes turned out and cannot wait to see how the painting evolves.