Etsy Betsy Spiders

First of all, I would like to thank my workmate, Deb, for the title idea. I used it for a section in my Esty store.

A couple of weekends ago, I attended my sister’s art show on Fair Oaks Drive. One of her fellow artists was selling beaded spiders. They were really cool looking and seemed way to complicated for me to try and make. I figured I would stick to jewelry and paintings.

Then last week, I looked around my studio – debating if I should just sell all my bulk beading supplies. I haven’t really made anything new and I don’t like things just sitting around taking up space.

But, I have a lot of beads and the thought of packaging them up to sell online was not appealing at all. I remembered those beaded spiders.. so I Googled how to make them. I stumbled upon this blog. Very simple instructions and photos too! I made my first beaded spider that very night. il_570xn-985951636_3zaj

Pretty soon I added more to the collection. il_570xn-987134350_fe3r


And I kept adding…



I really enjoy making different ones and experimenting with different styles. Eventually, I will make smaller ones that can be worn as jewelry – just in time for Halloween. Yes, it will take me that long. They are fun but time-consuming.

I’m glad I ventured out and tried something new.

What should I conquer next?