Beading the Day Away

When I’m not painting, I’m beading. I have made a vow to stay out of bead stores until I utilize what I currently have on hand. I do not exactly break this vow because I have not been physically in a bead store in years, but, online options will be the death of me… I can’t help it.


Lately, I have been really enjoying working with gemstones. My favorites are onyx, lapis, amethyst and carnelian. I work them into my projects every chance I get.

After yoga this morning, I got a little ambitious and started on a few pieces for my Etsy Store. I wasn’t planning on doing very many but when the mood strikes, I take full advantage. There are days that I sit in front of my vast amount of beads and feel overwhelmed. Not today! 🙂


Since I have utilized all my adjustable rings and keychain findings, think I may need to spend a little quality time on Amazon. Ha!

Are you crafty? If so, what do you like to do to pass the time?

Until the next time, Happy New Year!!! See ya in 2016!