An Elephant for Maria

As you may have noticed by the art gallery I posted, I paint a lot of women – no animals.

My next door neighbor, Maria, is a gem. Since the very first day I moved into the complex, she has been so kind and generous. If something is left at my doorstep, I know it’s from Maria. Because of her, my two felines have a fancy, motorized litter box and so many toys – they cannot possibly lose them all.

Besides gifts for the fur babies, she has been sweet to me personally. Every year, during the holidays, she bakes and gives me thoughtful gifts. Hell, during the whole year she is doing something wonderful for me.

Since the holidays can be a financial challenge, I stressed as to what to get her. It had to be something special. She had recently hinted about having a piece of my artwork so I went through my hallway and around my living room – looking for something she would like. I couldn’t decide.

She collects elephants. Okay, so I will paint an elephant. Can’t be too hard, can it? I began searching the web for inspiration. After a few searches, I found it.

I stayed up till the wee hours of the night for about a week. I couldn’t pull myself away. Was it the colors? Style I’m not used to?


Finally, it was complete! I was so excited about the results that I posted it on all the artist group sites I am on and even Instagram An Elephant for Maria

The painting dried and I hurried Maria over to see her new gift. She was so happy. I was happy that she was happy. I think even my cats showed some emotion. Okay, they didn’t cause they are jerks but still.

I learned this year that it’s what is made from the heart that touches a person’s soul – not what comes from the pocketbook.

Maria has her new painting proudly hung in her apartment next to other local artists’ work – best gallery in Sacramento. 🙂