A New Start for a New Year

I have been toying with the idea of having a WordPress blog. A good friend just launched her WordPress blog and she inspired me to take on the task for my art studio – thank you, Vy.

I have been writing for A Wicked Life il_570xn-879572366_9zm7on Blogger for about two years now and I love how it has evolved. It may not be super well-known, but it is all mine.

Now that a New Year is approaching, I decided to expand my horizons in the blog world and what better way than to learn a new format?

This coming year is going to be crazy busy. My day-job is heading into political season and it will be extremely demanding on my time.


Unlike in the past, I will have to make time to be creative. So, guess what my New Year’s resolution is? *wink.

May the New Year be a wonderful one for you all.


Cheers to new endeavors!