K ~ Karate Kid

Wax on Wax off.

That is all you need to know about Karate according to Mr. Miagi. Don't forget painting the fence...

And then there is Cobra Kai aka Douch Bag Dojo.

Every 80s movie had that very angry blonde guy that had to bully the new kid and chase after the cute girl the new kid likes.

Since it's been 30 years or so, it's not really a spoiler alert that the new kid beats up the angry blond one.

This story had a few sequels and warranted its own remake with Jayden Smith.

The Karate Kid was a heart-warming, coming of age story. We rooted for the underdog and cheered when he got the girl.

We also would stand on a post and try to recreate The Swan move or was it The Pelican? I don't remember.

CRANE! It was the crane.

Now can someone tell me what kind of martial arts can I teach to get my house cleaned?

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