H ~ Hall & Oats

Daryl Hall and the other guy. Hahaha, just kidding John Oats

A little-known fact; Daryl Hall and John Oats never liked being referred to as Hall & Oats. No one paid any mind. Sorry, guys. I need an "H" so there.

I had the biggest crush on Daryl Hall. His vocal range is more than impressive - reaching low to high octaves without the slightest effort.

Their H2O album was released in 1982 and this gem was in constant rotation on MTV as well as every Top 40 radio station across the country. 

I was really excited to hear they would be at the Golden One Center here in Sactown. Sadly, the prices are just a bit out of price range. If you have the means and are in the area, I highly recommend taking in their show. 

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