A ~ A-Ha

I didn't have the time to post my theme reveal for this year's A to Z Challenge so I'll do it here.

As someone who grew up in the 80s, I have decided to blog about all things 80s - fashion, music, and movies. I may throw in some random stuff along the way.

Today is A-Ha.

Do you remember what you were doing when this video hit MTV? You know, the music channel that isn't about music anymore? Oh the good'ole days!

The mix of animation and live-action made "Take On Me" a breakthrough video and every girl's theme song.

What girl didn't wish to discover her Prince Charming in a magazine? We all looked for him.

They kept the hits going beyond the 80s with - Velvet (my personal fave).


Her skin is like velvet
Her face cut from stone
Her eyes when she's smiling
Will never reach home
But hear how she sings

Her touch would be tender
Her lips would be warm
But when we're together
I'm always alone
But hear how she sings
But hear how she sings
Hear how she sings

Her skin is like velvet
So I went to her home
Her place like a palace
With things you can't own
Her skin is like velvet
And hear how she sings
Hear how she sings...

What A-Ha song was your favorite?

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