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M ~ Milli Vanilli

Before it was okay to lip sync we had Milli Vanilli.

Do you love his voice? Cool, it's not his. They were so convincing with their performances, that they even won Grammys!

Durning a concert, "Girl you know it's..." started playing over and over. The two kept singing and dancing but after the fourth or fifth "Girl you know it's.....", the duo ran off the stage. The girl and entire public knew it was true that they were faking it.

Later, they admitted that the vocals were not their own. They were stripped of their Grammys and never made a comeback. One of them died, I think.

All I remember is they tried to sing for real and sounded like dogs being tortured.

L ~ (The) Lost Boys

First of all, keep your damned Twilight movies!

Vampires don't sparkle but if they are Keifer Sutherland, they are sexy as hell. 

This movie was released in 1987 (the year I graduated high school). Yeah, yeah. I'm dating myself but at this point in time, so?

The Lost Boys is a tale of two brothers relocating to a little coastal town after their parents' divorce. The town is riddled with missing persons and murders. "Vampires are everywhere", says grandpa.

The youngest of the two brothers join alliances with the Frog Brothers when he realizes his older brother may have become one of the undead. 

If you haven't seen it, see it for Pete's sake.

Miss you bunches, Max.
And before I forget, there is a sax player. You're welcome. 

*photo sources: IMDB

K ~ Karate Kid

Wax on Wax off.

That is all you need to know about Karate according to Mr. Miagi. Don't forget painting the fence...

And then there is Cobra Kai aka Douch Bag Dojo.

Every 80s movie had that very angry blonde guy that had to bully the new kid and chase after the cute girl the new kid likes.

Since it's been 30 years or so, it's not really a spoiler alert that the new kid beats up the angry blond one.

This story had a few sequels and warranted its own remake with Jayden Smith.

The Karate Kid was a heart-warming, coming of age story. We rooted for the underdog and cheered when he got the girl.

We also would stand on a post and try to recreate The Swan move or was it The Pelican? I don't remember.

CRANE! It was the crane.

Now can someone tell me what kind of martial arts can I teach to get my house cleaned?

J ~ Journey

I could never understand why they were on the docks or why she was just strutting around with some guys playing air-guitar.

She is rocking that hair though!

Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

This album was released in the early 80s and, to this day, the hits are still belted out at your local karaoke bar.

No surprise that they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year. Congrats, Journey! Let's work on getting Steve Perry back in the band. Doooo it.


What is more 80s than INXS? 

The sexy frontman, Michael Hutchence, taken from us all too soon. Instead of boring you with my memory of this group and their "kick" ass songs, I'll let you all just enjoy the vision that is INXS.

What is your fave?

H ~ Hall & Oats

Daryl Hall and the other guy. Hahaha, just kidding John Oats
A little-known fact; Daryl Hall and John Oats never liked being referred to as Hall & Oats. No one paid any mind. Sorry, guys. I need an "H" so there.
I had the biggest crush on Daryl Hall. His vocal range is more than impressive - reaching low to high octaves without the slightest effort.
Their H2O album was released in 1982 and this gem was in constant rotation on MTV as well as every Top 40 radio station across the country. 

I was really excited to hear they would be at the Golden One Center here in Sactown. Sadly, the prices are just a bit out of price range. If you have the means and are in the area, I highly recommend taking in their show. 

G ~ Ghostbusters

In the age of remakes, some originals stand the test of time. Ghostbusters is one.

A catchy theme song and an all-star cast made this flick a classic. Sorry ladies of the 2016 remake, these guys nailed it the first time.

Plus, my brother and I (cropped out cause I looked blurry) had the pleasure of meeting Dan Aykroyd in Sactown at a Crystal Head event a few years ago. Great guy! Love you, Danny!

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Who you gonna call?

F ~ Fashion

Oh lordy! Are you ready for big hair and spandex?

Here are some music icons that set the stage for what we like to refer to now is... "please don't post that pic of me in the leg warmers." era.

Other trends: Fanny packsParachute pants (Thank you, MC Hammer)ScrunchiesHairspray (lots)Neon everythingPenny loafers (yes, they made a comeback in the 80s)Jordache JeansRay Bans - made famous by Tom Cruise in Risky BusinessShoulder pads were not just for athletesBangle bracelets (lots of them)

What was your style in the 80s?

E ~ Eurythmics

Hands down my favorite band of the 80s. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart took the music scene in the United States by storm.

I remember "Sweet Dreams" making its MTV debut. Wide-eyed, I'd sit there trying to figure out what in the hell was going on.

No one knew what to think of Annie's look and some criticized her "manly" persona.

Annie was/is truly ahead of her time.

There are way too many hits to list so I'm going to post my fave, "I Need A Man" - released in 1987.

The Eurythmics separated in 1992 and reunited in 2005 for the "Peace Tour."

Annie continues her solo career while Dave collaborates with other noted performers like Stevie Nicks.

D ~ Dead or Alive

Culture Club had Boy George and Dead or Alive had Pete Burns, Sadly, he was one of many victims of 2016.

Fortunately, his music lives on.

Can you name other songs by Dead or Alive? Post them in the comments below.

See you tomorrow for "E" :)

C ~ (The) Cars

Can we take a moment and revel in the brilliance that is 80s music videos?

Okay, back to the topic at hand, The Cars. They rolled out hit after hit and we kept wanting more.

Ric Ocasek walked on water and we didn't question it.

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My fave off this album is "I'm Not the One"

"I'm Not The One"
I'm not the one  That you'll be shootin' for  I'm not the one  Who's coming back for more  (You know why)  We've been through this so many a-times  (You know why)  It's never clear it's pantomime  Goin' round and round  (Round and round)  'Cause you can't get on your feet  Goin' round and round  (Round and round)  Still takin' all the heat  Goin' round and round  (Round and round)  Never lettin' down 
I'm not the one  Whose memory you still keepin'  I'm not the one  Who&#…

B ~ Beetlejuice

Before Winona Ryder hit the Stranger Things scene and Alec Baldwin finding his muse in Donald Trump, they were rocking Harry Belafonte in Tim Burton's, Beetlejuice. Oh, Gena Davis was there too.

Beetlejuice was released in 1988 and became an instant hit - launching its own animated series. And, there are rumors of a remake or sequel sometime in the future.

Make it happen, Hollywood!

If you didn't have a fascination with death, you did after watching this movie. Okay, I did/do.

I even have my own copy of the handbook so I'm prepared.

Yet, I am still hesitant in saying Beetlejuice 3xs.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice... nah. You first.

Are you a fan? Tell me your favorite scene/s in the comments below.

See you tomorrow for "C"

A ~ A-Ha

I didn't have the time to post my theme reveal for this year's A to Z Challenge so I'll do it here.

As someone who grew up in the 80s, I have decided to blog about all things 80s - fashion, music, and movies. I may throw in some random stuff along the way.

Today is A-Ha.

Do you remember what you were doing when this video hit MTV? You know, the music channel that isn't about music anymore? Oh the good'ole days!

The mix of animation and live-action made "Take On Me" a breakthrough video and every girl's theme song.

What girl didn't wish to discover her Prince Charming in a magazine? We all looked for him.

They kept the hits going beyond the 80s with - Velvet (my personal fave).

Her skin is like velvet Her face cut from stone Her eyes when she's smiling Will never reach home But hear how she sings
Her touch would be tender Her lips would be warm But when we're together I'm always alone But hear how she sings But hear h…