Why I Will Always Love Sundays

I think Sundays get a bad rap. 

I've seen posts on social media refer to Sunday as "Monday Eve." That may be the case for some, but for me, it's an opportunity to turn things around. 

Kind of like New Year's Day but every week - I can either bury myself in my bed, crawl to the nearest eatery for brunch or reach for those goals I keep setting for myself.

Either way, the day will be great.

As I get older, my Sundays are not usually spent recovering from a hangover or creating one, unless of course, I had gone out on Friday night. Hey! I'm old. It takes some time to recover!

Now, I enjoy getting up early and starting my day. If my Sunday gets away from me without doing something to make the coming work week easier, I might as well just go back to bed. 

I make sure to have at least two key tasks completed before the work week starts. 
  1. Chores - light clean-up, laundry, sorting out the refrigerator, wash the car, grocery shop (need to after sorting out the fridge), and preparing quick lunches for the coming week.
  2. Map out what I want to accomplish the coming week.
It may seem like number one, alone, would take the whole Sunday and sometimes it does, especially during the political season at my firm. I'm on call for a good three months at a time so the last thing I want to do during the week is, well, anything. The rest of the time, it doesn't and I can spend a good portion of the day relaxing or painting. I get up early and multi-task. Plus, it's just me and the two fur demons that I live with so... 

In fact, it is taking me twice as long to write this post since I'm constantly getting up to check the laundry and my breakfast. Ya, I'm surprised I haven't burned down my place yet. The day IS young!

I get a lot of questions asking me why I don't use Saturday for chore day. I freelance. With that in mind, my weekend typically doesn't start until Saturday night. By then, I just want to open a bottle of red, order a pizza and binge Netflix. 

Sundays don't just mean chores for me. It means brunches, family, friends and relaxing. 
During the summer time I love to BBQ and relax on my patio with a cocktail or two - chatting with great company. Just because I have to work the next day shouldn't mean that I cannot enjoy myself. 

If I didn't have to be strapped to my laptop for work this weekend, I would be getting ready to meet up with my sister and niece to check out a community art show. 

Stupid work!

Sunday marks the beginning of a new week - a chance to turn things around or push them forward. 

Sunday is for reflection and connection. 

I will always love Sundays. :)

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