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The Stranger In the Parking Lot

After work today, I stopped at the Safeway on Alhambra to grab a bottle of red and something quick for dinner. 

As I was looking for a parking space, I noticed a young man walking through the parking lot. Not walking from a car, just walking in the middle of the lanes, checking things out. No biggie. 

I waited for him to walk passed my Jeep so I could turn left and park. I noticed he stopped in his tracks and waved to me. I didn't make eye-contact. There are some strange people in Midtown/East Sac so I mind my own business. 

I found a spot and I parked. For whatever reason, I had a strange feeling about the guy and something told me to watch where he was going. 

When I saw that he was almost to the opposite end of the parking lot, I figured everything was fine and I was being ridiculous. I made my way into the store and walked over to the deli. 

I wasn't at the counter 2 minutes when he walks up beside me and introduces himself and asks me my name. He then put out his hand to shake…