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More kitties!

A couple of years ago I started a YouTube account. Of course, I had to share my sweet little kittens with the world. I was able to re-home three of the babies and kept one for myself. His name is Cypher and I love him to pieces.

I may do more videos when I have the time. I'm not sure what kind of videos I want to have that would be entertaining for others to watch.

I'm not looking to be internet famous. I don't have a special makeup routine or even have the patience to video cooking processes, just random fun stuff I guess.

Do you have a YouTube account? How do you utilize it or do you just document life events?

The Summer of My Fifteenth Year

My neighbor, Maria, shares my love for books. She had mentioned that a good friend of hers had written a story that most would find hard to discuss. I was intrigued, so she let me borrow her copy.

The title itself, The Summer of My Fifteenth Year, gives a little clue to what the story is about.

I tend to read several books at one time and couldn't seem to find the time to read this one. I almost took it back to Maria and told her that I would get to it some other time but something  always stopped me.

Finally, a couple of Sundays ago, I read the entire book in one sitting –– didn't even get up to fix something to eat or stretch my legs.

Geri Spencer Hunter is an amazing story teller. One would have to be in order to write about such a sensitive subject matter.

After I was finished I cried a little –– which is new for me cause it typically takes a lot for me to get emotional, especially from reading.

When I returned Maria's copy to her, I hugged her and thanked her for sha…