Kim Kardashian –– Do You Dare?

I dare you to put your butt where your mouth is. What I mean... if you truly feel empowered by posing nude and posting to any social media site available, do it without photoshop or photo enhancing filters.

For someone to state that they want to be an example to women and girls, Kim Kardashian, you my dear, fall short.

  • Positive body image is not using contouring or better yet, spending 3 hours in the makeup chair before each "selfie"
  • Positive body image is not photoshopping the hell out of your body
  • Positive body image is not spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery 

What you do is called marketing a brand –– not the example of female empowerment. 

I'm not judging you for your plastic surgery, makeup technics or even using photoshop on your photos. Nor am I judging you for taking nude selfies. I'm not judging you at all. More power to you.

WHAT I am not buying is the fact that you claim to use your photos as a platform for empowerment.

Women and girls (most importantly girls), who see these photos and your justifications of said photos, get the wrong impression of what it is to be comfortable in one's skin.

To be comfortable in your skin, Kim, you would be posting photos without photoshop or hours of makeup application –– embracing the flaws that all women have, including you.

Kim, I know you would never consider taking my challenge for two very obvious reasons;

1. You won't be reading this blog (not many do, ha)

but the biggest reason;

2. It would not be a good business decision since your appearance IS your brand

Stick with what you know since it has made you a shit ton of money and enjoy it while it lasts...

But for Pete's sake call it what it is –– a promotion of a commodity –– YOU.

Leave the empowerment example to women like Ms. Midler.

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