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New Year's Resolutions ~ How To Keep Yours

Every year we torture ourselves by making grandiose resolutions that end up being forgotten by the beginning of March -- if not sooner.

There is a simple way of keeping that resolution whether it be to get fit, save money or learn something new. I'm sure you have read that it takes 21 days to create a habit. It's true. By remembering this skill, you can achieve the 2016 goals you drunkenly spouted off at the NYE party. 

Let us say you want to get fit so at the stroke of midnight you stopped eating crappy foods, benched 100 lbs. and drank a gallon of water. Yes I am exaggerating but when you take on a healthy lifestyle like you are already healthy, you are setting yourself up to fail. I know. I have done it year after year.

Try it month by month.

For example, January is the month you replace your triple venti mocha with a grande brewed coffee (if you added saving money as a resolution you are killing 2 birds with one stone). Don't change anything else. 

February, start an exerci…