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Why I Will Always Love Sundays

I think Sundays get a bad rap. 
I've seen posts on social media refer to Sunday as "Monday Eve." That may be the case for some, but for me, it's an opportunity to turn things around. 
Kind of like New Year's Day but every week - I can either bury myself in my bed, crawl to the nearest eatery for brunch or reach for those goals I keep setting for myself.
Either way, the day will be great.

As I get older, my Sundays are not usually spent recovering from a hangover or creating one, unless of course, I had gone out on Friday night. Hey! I'm old. It takes some time to recover!
Now, I enjoy getting up early and starting my day. If my Sunday gets away from me without doing something to make the coming work week easier, I might as well just go back to bed. 
I make sure to have at least two key tasks completed before the work week starts.  Chores - light clean-up, laundry, sorting out the refrigerator, wash the car, grocery shop (need to after sorting out the fridge), …

The Stranger In the Parking Lot

After work today, I stopped at the Safeway on Alhambra to grab a bottle of red and something quick for dinner. 

As I was looking for a parking space, I noticed a young man walking through the parking lot. Not walking from a car, just walking in the middle of the lanes, checking things out. No biggie. 

I waited for him to walk passed my Jeep so I could turn left and park. I noticed he stopped in his tracks and waved to me. I didn't make eye-contact. There are some strange people in Midtown/East Sac so I mind my own business. 

I found a spot and I parked. For whatever reason, I had a strange feeling about the guy and something told me to watch where he was going. 

When I saw that he was almost to the opposite end of the parking lot, I figured everything was fine and I was being ridiculous. I made my way into the store and walked over to the deli. 

I wasn't at the counter 2 minutes when he walks up beside me and introduces himself and asks me my name. He then put out his hand to shake…

More kitties!

A couple of years ago I started a YouTube account. Of course, I had to share my sweet little kittens with the world. I was able to re-home three of the babies and kept one for myself. His name is Cypher and I love him to pieces.

I may do more videos when I have the time. I'm not sure what kind of videos I want to have that would be entertaining for others to watch.

I'm not looking to be internet famous. I don't have a special makeup routine or even have the patience to video cooking processes, just random fun stuff I guess.

Do you have a YouTube account? How do you utilize it or do you just document life events?

The Summer of My Fifteenth Year

My neighbor, Maria, shares my love for books. She had mentioned that a good friend of hers had written a story that most would find hard to discuss. I was intrigued, so she let me borrow her copy.

The title itself, The Summer of My Fifteenth Year, gives a little clue to what the story is about.

I tend to read several books at one time and couldn't seem to find the time to read this one. I almost took it back to Maria and told her that I would get to it some other time but something  always stopped me.

Finally, a couple of Sundays ago, I read the entire book in one sitting –– didn't even get up to fix something to eat or stretch my legs.

Geri Spencer Hunter is an amazing story teller. One would have to be in order to write about such a sensitive subject matter.

After I was finished I cried a little –– which is new for me cause it typically takes a lot for me to get emotional, especially from reading.

When I returned Maria's copy to her, I hugged her and thanked her for sha…

Eatuscany ~ A Little Bit of Italy In Midtown

One of the many things I love about living in Midtown Sacramento is the food. There is a place to eat on every corner. All good, all have their own little flair.

I also work in Midtown so lunch time can be an adventure. 
Lately, my workmates and I have discovered Eatuscany. A great Italian resterauant (so I've heard) on P Street, gets their desserts from Eatuscany. 
Last week we decided to check it out for ourselves. It is a cute little cafe, not much seating inside but we were ordering to-go so it wasn't an issue. I'm sure they have outdoor seating when the weather is nice.
I had the Lucca. It was delicious. I don't have a picture because it didn't last long.

I plan on going back and trying their other sandwiches. Perhaps a cannoli  for dessert?
Ciao for now!

Kim Kardashian –– Do You Dare?

I dare you to put your butt where your mouth is. What I mean... if you truly feel empowered by posing nude and posting to any social media site available, do it without photoshop or photo enhancing filters.

For someone to state that they want to be an example to women and girls, Kim Kardashian, you my dear, fall short.

Positive body image is not using contouring or better yet, spending 3 hours in the makeup chair before each "selfie"Positive body image is not photoshopping the hell out of your bodyPositive body image is not spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery 
What you do is called marketing a brand –– not the example of female empowerment. 
I'm not judging you for your plastic surgery, makeup technics or even using photoshop on your photos. Nor am I judging you for taking nude selfies. I'm not judging you at all. More power to you.

WHAT I am not buying is the fact that you claim to use your photos as a platform for empowerment.

Women and girls (most important…

The Body Positive Campaign ~ Is the Message Flawed?

There is so many thoughts running through my head regarding this "Body Positive" or "Self-Acceptance" trend. Yes, it is a trend. If you don't believe me then explain the new Sport's Illustrated cover or the new Barbie dolls.

Why do we need to feel being overweight is okay? That it should be acceptable? Now before you pick up your dessert forks, torches and scream "kill the Monster," listen. When someone openly expresses that they do not think that overweight people should be encouraged, it doesn't always mean that they are saying the person is ugly. It means that there is a health concern that should not be ignored. Yet, what is the first response people have in defense of such comments? "She's beautiful you stupid hag!" Yes, she is no matter what size but that doesn't mean she is healthy. And the person making the observation isn't necessarily a hag.
You will never hear a medical professional state that an overweight perso…

New Year's Resolutions ~ How To Keep Yours

Every year we torture ourselves by making grandiose resolutions that end up being forgotten by the beginning of March -- if not sooner.

There is a simple way of keeping that resolution whether it be to get fit, save money or learn something new. I'm sure you have read that it takes 21 days to create a habit. It's true. By remembering this skill, you can achieve the 2016 goals you drunkenly spouted off at the NYE party. 

Let us say you want to get fit so at the stroke of midnight you stopped eating crappy foods, benched 100 lbs. and drank a gallon of water. Yes I am exaggerating but when you take on a healthy lifestyle like you are already healthy, you are setting yourself up to fail. I know. I have done it year after year.

Try it month by month.

For example, January is the month you replace your triple venti mocha with a grande brewed coffee (if you added saving money as a resolution you are killing 2 birds with one stone). Don't change anything else. 

February, start an exerci…