Sacramento ~ Support Your Local Artists!

I've lived in Sacramento for many years. I was here when the first 2nd Saturday started. It was great! Sacramento was trying very hard to move up the ranks in the "art scene".  A few small galleries started popping up here and there. I was even able to land a few gigs to show my artwork. All in all, Sacramento's art scene seemed to be promising. 

2nd Saturday has now evolved into something different. It's more of a trendy place to be seen and get drunk. The starving artists are still starving. 

I stopped lining up gigs and eventually stopped painting altogether.

After 3 years, I started painting again. With new networking options one would think that it is easier for artists to get their work out to the masses. Not so.

My latest encounter with this phenomenon is is a neighborhood site. You basically have to prove you live in a particular neighborhood to join. I have been on the East Sacramento ND for about 7 months. 

They have what they call "Leads". These so called "Leads" police or monitor posts and delete any abusive posts or things that are out of the "guidelines". 

Interestingly enough, they have a classifieds section. You post shit you want to sell and a neighbor that is interested, meets up with you to buy it –– safer than Craigslist cause these people live around you. I'm in a relatively upscale neighborhood so I didn't feel weird about posting stuff on the site. Besides, some other local artists were posting and selling their work on this site so why the hell not?

My latest painting was posted for sale. Within 1 hour, I received an auto-notification that I was flagged for spamming the neighbors and the post was "commercial". I changed the post, as suggested, and apologized for anyone thinking I was "spamming" them. A neighbor private messaged me and said not to sweat it that there was some bored person who was flagging everyone. I had neighbors comment on my revised post stating it was just "wrong for someone to flag a local artist". Others showed more sympathy. I thought, cool. No reason to worry. 

Until today.

I get a comment on my post thread citing the guidelines for ND posts by an East Sac "Lead". I didn't even have enough time to click the "private message" option before I got the notification my post was deleted. Really? This is how a local artist is being treated by their own neighbors? This person, who has this "Lead" position, didn't even have the decency to private message me with these guidelines and to respectfully inform me my post would be deleted –– just, wham bam you're deleted, ma'am.

I wasn't trying to get people to sign up for a direct-marketing opportunity or anything that would be even close to spamming. I was posting my original artwork in the classifieds of this site!

I sent an email to the lead explaining my disenchantment with this so-called "community forum" and deleted my account. Until they change their viewpoint on local artists, they can shove it!

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