Dear Fat People - Get Over It

Fat shaming...

What is this all about anyway?

I will tell you. Ever since "What is Your Excuse" mom came on the scene a couple of years ago, fat people everywhere have lost their minds. 

Who monopolized on this "outrage"? Social Media. Yes, imagine that... Social Media blowing things out of proportion - this time, manipulating our view of health. With that came the "body positive" articles flooding everyone's news feed. Plus-sized models are baring it all in hopes of "awareness" and promoting sensitivity regarding the obese. But what they are really doing is a little irresponsible. 

You can love yourself no matter how you look. You can ignore what others say. Speak up when people are truly being treated badly. All of this is positive. I fully agree. What isn't positive? Ignoring the health issues that come with obesity. Some say, "Well it isn't promoting obesity because now one looks at these models and says that they are going to gain 75 - 200 lbs." You are right. What it does do is justify staying at an unhealthy weight and ultimately shortening your lifespan. 

I understand there are those that have health issues and are on medication that is causing the weight gain. However, the percentage of these individuals is not staggering. It isn't what causes the majority of the obesity problem in our country. It's poor diet, high stress, lack of quality sleep and lack of mobility - 100% preventable.

While I can write volumes on this subject, the main reason for my blog post is Miss Arbour. She is a cute, thin blond (what every fat girl hates...) and she is saying things that are the truth. I know her main objective is to be edgy, get more engagement and to be funny. 

But is she? A quote from a famous comedian comes to mind, "Comedy is not pretty". It isn't. It will always hurt some that feel deeply for whatever subject comedy is poking fun. Does it make it "shaming" or "bullying"? I guess in this day and age, it does.

Bloggers are getting all up in arms about how she is mean, fat-shaming and bullying fat people. Get the hell over it! It's comedy! Don't like her humor? Don't watch it. Simple. 

What a sad world we have created for ourselves that we find offense in just about anything these days. 

Here is a word of advice. If you can still see this video, watch it. If it strikes a nerve, ask yourself why. 

I find her hilarious and spot on with her observations. 

And yes, I'm a fat girl.

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