Brace Yourself ~ Dia de Los Muertos Is Near!

My favorite time of the year.

Yes, Christmas is great but there is nothing like Fall arriving - mystery in the air.

I love this time of year for many reasons. The vibe, all things dark brought to life and the perfect beginning to November - Day of the Dead or as some call it (appropriately) Dia de Los Muertos.

While this time of year makes some very uncomfortable, I adore it.

Lately, I have taken up painting again. I have not painted in about two and a half years, for whatever reason. Call it lack of muse or listening to someone that says I write better than I paint. Well, you, my two followers, know that the latter is untrue. I think I paint better than I write. Or at least better than I edit! Ha ha!

To get into the "spirit" of things, I started painting sugar skull style portraits. Not of anyone in particular, just random faces that needed some "color".

I'm also excited that I will be involved in an art show the 17th of October in the Foothills, along with my talented sister and father. Until then, enjoy!

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