Summer Reading Challenge 2015

It's summer! 

Beaches, pools and river activities are not complete without a good book. Come on, you can't swim non-stop. Besides, what can be more relaxing than your toes in the sand, a drink at your side and the latest (insert your fave author here) novel in your hands? 

Last year I was a little too ambitious with my summer reading goals. This year I'm going to be a little more realistic.

I have already started John Cleese's "So, Anyway...". So far it is as witty and entertaining as he is in movies and comedy skits. 

Once I'm finished with this book I will be moving on to Sophia Loren's, "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow My Life", sent to me from a dear friend across the Pond.

I simply adore, Sophia Loren! Thank you, Ian!!! Muah!

Time permitting, I will end my summer reading with Stephen King's "Mr. Mercedes" and "Finders Keepers". 

I will do my best to follow up with a book review after finishing each one. I will also try to reduce the amount of spoiler alerts! Haha 

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What's on your summer reading list?

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