So, Anyway... by John Cleese

I grew up watching the Flying Circus with my Dad. Some of my fondest memories. 

If you are a big fan of anything involving John Cleese, read this book. He takes the reader from his early childhood and through school experiences and the career decisions that lead him to the entertainment industry.

I found his writing to be very honest and, of course, hilarious. 

His anecdotes about Graham Chapman, Peter Sellers, Marty Feldman, and others were entertaining to the point I literally laughed out loud. 

"I donned the skis, sat down into them, grasped the ring by which I was to be towed, obeyed the instruction to sit up as the motorboat accelerated away, but then failed to lean back enough, with the result that I simply disappeared head first into the water in front of me, having gained about two feet. When I'd finished expelling the surprisingly large amount of seawater that my body had acquired during the first trip, I tried again, but because I was now consciously trying to lean back more as the boat surged forward, my skis shot straight up in front of me, and I spun backwards, landing with an enormous splash. By the time I was ready for my third effort, every eye on the beach (except one of Marty's) was focused on me." 

~ John Cleese So, Anyway...

I have never seen Fawlty Towers but after reading this book, I'll be visiting very soon!

Other than the obvious laughs of Monty Python's movies, my favorite John Cleese movie is A Fish Called Wanda. He rewrote that screenplay 13 times. So for those of you that are discouraged with your writing ability - remember this guy. 

"We had no idea at all whether people would think Python was funny, It really felt risky. But the sketch started...Michael and I strained our ears...a giggle...a small laugh...another giggle...a big laugh! And we looked at each other and I thought 'Maybe it's going to be all right.'" 
~ John Cleese So, Anyway...

I will leave you with one of the best sketches the Flying Circus graced us with:

What is your favorite John Cleese movie?

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