O is for - One of my turns and One Slip

I couldn't choose between these two tracks. One with Waters, one without. I love them both.

I recently re-watched American Psycho and this song fits in nicely.

While one could argue that Patrick Bateman was just plain bat shit crazy, what about Pink? "...in the suite case on the left you'll find my favorite ax." "This just a passing phase..." 

"Would  you like to learn to fly, Would ya?! Would you like to see me try?"

One Slip tells a different story. To me it talks about two people that get caught up in a shit storm after a moment of weakness. Their decision spirals them into what they feel is oblivion. 

Then drowned in desire, our souls on fire
I lead the way to the funeral pyre
And without a thought of the consequence
I gave in to my decadence 
One slip, and down the hole we fall
It seems to take no time at all
A momentary lapse of reason
That binds a life for life...

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