D is for - Dogs of War

Warning! This video contains graphic images that you  may find disturbing!

I chose this particular video because it reflects the nature of this song perfectly. Images are jarring and at times heartbreaking. I think it is important that we do not forget the past. The acts mankind is capable of committing. We cannot turn a blind eye to what happens around us. 

Unfortunately, this song is spot on with the nature of war and those who see fellow human beings as a commodity or less than human. It's timeless.

When I first heard this song it was performed live and the visuals were dogs, German Shepherds to be exact, with glowing red eyes - running up a staircase. It was powerful but it was the lyrics that resonated with me the most. 

 "Hell opened up and put on sale. Gather around and haggle." 

Honestly, this song doesn't need a video or photos to convey its message. 

"You can't stop what has begun. Signed,sealed, they deliver oblivion."

How does this song make you feel? 

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