B is for - Brain Damage

Ah... Dark Side of the Moon...

I listened to this album over an over as a teenager. 

The days when I wanted to escape from the pressures of school and anything else teenage girls wanted to escape from. So instead of getting into trouble or doing drugs - I listened to this album. 

I shared this video because it is a well known rumor that Dark Side of the Moon synchronizes to the first part of The Wizard of Oz. 

My roommate and I tried it. It kinda worked and we were not even smoking anything. Try it. If anything it is entertaining. The key is to start the album right after the MGM lion roars the second time, I think... Wait, does the lion roar once or twice? Anyway... start it with the lion roaring.

I had the honor of seeing Pink Floyd live in 1988. It was amazing. The concert was sold out -of course. Rain or shine. That whole day it rained cats and dogs. Everywhere in town was sold out of rain gear. Us kids were going no matter what.

We arrived in Sacramento with umbrellas in tow. The moment the band got on stage, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and it was a starry night. I don't remember if this song was the first one they performed but when the large woman came out to sing at the end... the lights were shut off and only a spot light on her. It was breathtaking. It moved me to tears. 

When the concert was over, two mesmerizing hours later, the clouds came back and we ran to our cars in the pouring rain. 

Don't believe me? 

Don't care. 

It is how I remember it. A magical evening. 

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