46 Days In Redondo Beach ~ Head, Bed, and Bread

My accommodations during my 46 day stay in Redondo Beach. I will never stay at an Extended Stay again. It was the worst. The rooms smelled and the towels were rough. I think the TV was possessed too. It turned off on it's own (and only when I was actually enjoying the show) and the remote would not work properly. Do not even get me started on the housekeeping services...

Since I was at an Extended Stay, I brought some comforts of home, including my Ninja Blender. It was a feeble attempt to stay on my healthy living goal. 

With the campaign in full force... I cheated a bit. 

Yummy lunch from my favorite coffee house ever. This place had the best salads, sandwiches, and iced tea. Not to mention tons and tons of books and places to sit. I posted here a couple of times when I didn't feel like going into the office. Nice vibe - wish I could of brought this coffee house home with me.
  Tried this basil flavored drink at Kincaids... not the greatest and neither was the service.

HT Grill was great and the campaign team met up there often. It's also the Mayor's favorite haunt.

I recommend having a fantastic dinner, drinks and then head down the street for the best view in town...

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