Such a Shame

We have attached the word shaming to just about everything. Thin Shaming, Fat Shaming, Slut Shaming, Short Shaming, Tall Shaming, Smart Shaming, Dumb Shaming and Bitch Shaming. Wait, is that a thing? 

Let’s talk about Slut Shaming for a bit. The hot topic of the Halloween season was slutty costumes. I know I am a few days late and that may explain my low blog following but, I’m discussing it now. So humor me a bit, all two of you.  

So where were we? Slut Shaming! When I was younger and a little more… uh, slender, I used to like dressing up and showing a little skin. Nothing too sexy but enough to turn a couple of heads. That was my comfort level. I have no problem with women going out and being that “sexy” professor or “sexy” dog catcher (ironic…) anyway, to each their own. So have at it, you sexy swashbuckler, you!

What I have a problem with is the ability to call it like it is. It is one thing to dress like Jessica Rabbit and another to wear almost nothing at all. At least try! Put some creativity into it. There are several ways to have a sexy costume without the rest of us having to see your “shits and giggles”. I just made that up, kind of. Well I changed the meaning a bit…  Anyway, if I think you look like a whore, I should be able to comment on that fact. It isn't slut shaming, it is simply an observation. Wear some panties for Christ’s sake! 

Halloween has come and gone so we can move on to another form of "shaming". 
So what is next folks? Turkey Shaming?

It could happen at the grocery store. “Oh, I see you are going with the non-organic turkey this year.” Or at the family dinner, “This turkey was a little on the parched side, are you sure you took it out on time?” For the record, this is not shaming it’s just plain rude.

But just in case, you may want to check out a new turkey roaster...

Can we stop using the term shaming and find other expressions that are more appropriate?

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