I Blame My Hangover On Dave Matthews Band

I normally do not write concert or show reviews but last night was like being in the Twilight Show. Not the sparkly vampire movie but the Rod Serling series.

My good friend invites me to see a Dave Matthews tribute band, Big Eyed Fish, at Harlow's last night. It sounded fun. I love Dave Matthews Band and my friend loves them even more. So much that her children bought her VIP tickets to their concert for her birthday.

We started our night off having dinner at Centro's- three doors up from Harlow's. The show was due to start at 9:30 pm so we had plenty of time to enjoy a nice meal and a couple cocktails. Dinner was amazing. If you have the opportunity and I think they are seasonal, try their infused Pear and Vanilla tequila. mmmmm mmmm!

Once we were done with dinner we head over to the venue. Not too many people in line yet so we were confident we would get a good view of the stage. The doormen told us that the band is pretty good and the couple behind us wouldn't shut up about how great this cover band is. Okay.

Photo Source: harlows.com
My friend and I find a great table next to the stage and order a couple more cocktails. It's ladies night bitches and we are going to have some fun! 9:30 passes, they are still setting up and doing numerous sound checks. These guys must really be the shit if they are so devoted to getting everything just so. If you have never been to Harlow's, its a small dinner/show place and very intimate for bands. I have seen The Church, The Reverend Horton Heat, and some douche named Peter Murphy. I liked Peter Murphy until I saw his live performance. That is a story for another day. Anyway, it's a good place to take in a show.

Now it's after 10:30 pm and four drinks later. They start to play. The sound was horrific and I wanted to take the drummer's sticks and ram them in his ears, or mine... What was great about the first song was they played John Mayer (sarcasm). Wait, what? This is supposed to be a DMB cover band. Why the hell are they playing John Mayer?! I look around the crowd and it's clear it is filled with family and friends of this "cover band". Great.... my friend and I just look at each other with amazement.

11 pm swings in and the singer says, "the Dave Matthews part is coming up after a quick break". Um, what? An hour and 1/2 later and then you decide you are going to break out Dave's songs? So my friend and I ordered another round of drinks. This time shots.

11:15 pm and now the singer is different and they change out the drummer for someone with dreads... okay. They introduce themselves as Big Eyed Fish. Wasn't this the band we were listening to since 10 pm? Or did you create your own opening band?!! Oh they also added a fiddler. They start cranking out some Dave tunes. My friend texts me, "sounds like Dave on helium". She text me because we couldn't hear each other over the horrible sound. We got another round cause after all, maybe we would could drink them to sound more like Dave Matthews. Right? No?

No. It is possible to drink until someone becomes attractive but doesn't work with music. Now smashed and irritated - we left.

We went to a local dive and had a couple more shots and discussed how disappointed we were about the whole show. Now I'm not saying they were bad performers. They would good except for some of the sound check failures. I do have to admit dude did well with the John Mayer songs but I was not there for John Mayer. What I am saying is, if you are going to advertise being a tribute band, start at a decent time and PLAY the band's songs that you claim to pay tribute too. Pretty damn simple.

Needless to say, I woke up feeling like a semi-truck hit me and it is all Dave Matthews' fault. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

BTW, this is how Dave sounds... good huh?

What is the worst show you experienced?

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