Sunday Funday~ The Joys of Living In Midtown

Lately, I have been lagging a bit in the fitness department. I have not completely slacked off since I have been religious about doing yoga every morning. You might be wondering why I am rambling on about exercise with a title like Sunday Funday. Okay, okay I will get to the point.

Typically my Sundays are comprised of getting laundry done, errands and being irritated about something. Special Sundays are filled with Brunch.Yummy brunch and bottomless mimosas that will make me useless for the rest of the day. BTW, you cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a place that serves brunch in Midtown. Well I'm on a budget so brunch is out for me this Sunday.

I decided to kick up my fitness routine again and went for a walk around McKinley Park.
Everyone was out running, walking, pushing a stroller or pulling a doggie. I love McKinley. There are always people out and about and it is nestled in a very charming part of Sacramento. Technically it is considered East Sacramento but whatever.

I went the long way around twice and decided to check out the tea house located across from the park. Since I had just walked 3 miles I wasn't about to get a pastry or bagel, I bought my first green smoothie! I had the lady behind the counter help me out with the ingredients because I did not want to mess up the flavors. Guess there is an art form to it.

SO! I strolled home enjoying a spinach, pineapple and banana smoothie. It tasted wonderful. My new Sunday Funday ritual. I'm not saying I won't indulge in a brunch now and again, I just have a new way to enjoy my Midtown/East Sac.

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

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