Why We Keep Getting Feminism Wrong

When I was a young woman, I did not want to be a feminist. All the "feminists" I knew, bashed men. Yelled at them for opening doors or pulling out their chairs. I liked having doors opened for me. I liked my boyfriend walking on the street-side of the sidewalk beside me. And I did not want to share restrooms with guys.

Young girls today want to be feminists because that is what Beyonce is. She is "fierce" and the symbol of woman empowerment. Why? She goes out on stage half naked and gives the "look". She embraces her sexuality. She is not the only one in entertainment but I will use her as an example because her name and feminism has been thrown around since the VMAs. Perhaps before, but my Facebook feed is blowing up more now so... whateve. Besides, since when did Bey or Nicki replace Oprah and Barbara Walters as examples of feminism?

Then there are women out there stating they don't need Feminism because they are not victims.  

Source: Huffinton Post
Source: Huffington Post
This is what is wrong with feminism. No one really knows what it means because we, as women, keep changing the rules. WE DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!

Feminism is not hating men. 
They are not all jerks or misogynistic.

Feminism is not strutting around to be objectified by men.
If we are more than just our bodies, why do we celebrate those who constantly flaunt theirs? Trust me, not ONE guy was thinking, "Wow, Beyonce is an independent woman! I would love to carry on a conversation with her", while she was on stage shaking her ass.

Feminism is not being a victim because of men.
Not all men are rapists or abusers.

Feminism is...
Knowing you have worth as a human being. It is equal pay for equal work. Overcoming barriers and showing our daughters the way. It is realizing our potential and making choices for ourselves, remembering our past and how far we have come. Supporting each other. Respecting ourselves and being self-sufficient. It's taking control of our sexuality while maintaining our dignity.

We cannot afford, as independent women, to allow the misunderstanding of feminism to continue. We cannot forget what those before us fought for. My god, we did not get the right to vote until 1920! 1920! We could not even buy our own life insurance policies at that time!

Even with the right to vote, women were still treated as second class citizens in The United States, up through the 60s and 70s. Do not believe me? Watch an episode of Mad Men.
It is SPOT.ON.

We have come a long way ladies, let us not go backwards.

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