R is for Respect

R- E -S -P- E- C- T

Find out what it means to me.

I hate that song. Sorry not a big Aretha fan here. Yet it is the song that comes time mind when people talk about respect.

Here is what I'm finding out about what respect really means to people. Everyone wants it but no one wants to give it citing "respect is earned.". Okay well if everyone expects respect, how are they earning it?

To an extent respect has to be earned. This does not give free reign on being a jerk face to your boss if he doesn't have your respect. He is still your boss. The one that gets paid to make sure you do your job right. He may be the biggest creep in the world. Still your boss. I'm not saying to tolerate hostile working conditions or harassment, just pick your battles.

Here is the respect I love people throwing around. I knew this woman, oh my god this woman was easier to make than toast! Anyway, she loves to get on chat/dating sites to "meet and mingle". She will posts pictures of herself half naked and in provocative poses. This is fine. If she is "secure with her sexuality" and "confident" then who am I to judge? What I don't understand is this same woman posts on her profile "No winks, I want to chat. No dick pics! RESPECT!". Seriously.. that is her "disclaimer". She is on a well known "hook-up site" and she is demanding respect? Honey if you want others to respect you, have some respect for yourself! Don't demand respect while posting a picture of your ass hanging out the side of a bathtub because you won't get it. Well you will get something but not respect.

The next example of misplaced respect requirements are simply those that don't show it to others. They are not considerate of other's feelings. They knock people down a couple notches in public and in private in efforts to make themselves feel better. They are the same ones that demand that they are show respect. Don't raise your voice at them in public, it's disrespectful. I have so many examples of how respect is wielded but I'm afraid people will start recognizing who there are and I don't have time for that! LOL

Respect the situation and the people involved. Most of all respect yourself.

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