Q is for Quizzes

The not so newest craze is taking that quiz and posting your results on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe still Myspace? Is that still around?

According to the many quizzes I have taken in desperation of finding out my true identity, I have uncovered some exciting things I never knew about myself.

I'm ~

Fleetwood Mac
A Rose
Chelsea Handler or Tina Fey (I forget exactly which one)
A Dragon
Dating a burn out from a John Hughes Movie
Living in the wrong town
Not as much of an asshole as I thought.
Kind of a music snob

Whoa! How did I ever get through life up to this point not knowing all this valuable information? Thank the gods for Buzzfeed!

All sarcasm aside, I like many others, enjoy taking these quizzes and at times get irritated with the results because it isn't a true reflection of myself. Seriously, a burn out for a boyfriend? Pahleeze

I do have friends that get "cool" results and post them in efforts to reinforce their coolness from high school. Okay. Well ya didn't get Fleetwood Mac so I don't think you are that cool! Oh, sorry. Got a little off track there for a minute.

Anyway take a quiz. Find your soul mate's favorite pizza topping. Or if you are really smart guess which Bradshaw below.


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