N is for Negativity

Oh my gods do I have some catching up to do! 

Had some bumps in the road this past week and my posts have been neglected. Oh! Another topic starting with N! Too late, this one is on Negativity.

My niece recently entered into her second year of being a teenager. Oh yes.. to be a teenage girl filled with angst and the weight of the world on our shoulder. 

My niece is not exception. Despite her efforts of being a loner and uninteresting and even..... negative, she couldn't seem to keep that persona long during my last visit. I by nature am not a negative person. Some who know me will disagree because they mistake me being realistic as negativity. Let's put it this way, I don't look at life with rose colored glasses.

So back to my niece. While waiting for my sister, her mom to get gas, I asked my dear one how she was doing. Of course I received the same response. None. She wouldn't even look at me. Instead of my usual "oh my god, I just asked you a question." I decided to be a nice aunt. LOL

"You know dear, I am having a bad day too. I lost my job this week and don't know if I will be able to keep my apartment." She looked at me and said she was sorry to hear that happened. I then told her that I try everyday to find one thing that makes me smile, to turn my day around. "You know what I did today to get that smile? I decided to spend the day with you, your baby sister, and your mom. That makes me smile." "Whether it is listening to your favorite band or looking at nature's beauty, there is at least one thing a person can find a day that truly makes them smile. Find it." 

If we focus on the negative things in our lives we miss the positive things too. We become that woeful teenager again. Life is too short for negativity.

By the time her mom was done filling the tank, my niece warmed up and we had a delightful visit the rest of the day. I can't say I'm entirely responsible but I wasn't the only one with a smile that day. 

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