K is for Kindred Spirit

"We are kindred spirits, you and I." 

That magical connection you feel with another person. You sync on a greater level than  you do with others. 

Soul Mate? 

How many of us have had this encounter? Did you know it is possible to find a kindred spirit in a friend or family member? Kindred spirits are not just found through a romantic encounter but anyone that gives us that zen feeling when we are with them. Those that know exactly what we are thinking before we say a word. They have the same outlook on life as we do. No compromises. Almost separated at birth. 

I have met a few kindred spirits in my day and all encounters were unforgettable. One was of a romantic nature. My other encounters were with friends I have met on different occasions. Some I still see on a regular basis and one I haven't heard from in years. I am at peace with that because when I do see them, it will be like no time has passed.

Does everyone have a kindred spirit/s? Yes. You may have 'friend-zoned' them  (which is okay) or even grew up in the same house together. 

Isn't life grand?

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