J is for Judgement

Today's tarot card is Judgement and it is pulled from a very amazing deck, Deviant Moon.

Card #20 in the Major Arcana

  • A change in consciousness
  • Clarity

In readings, this card can be a reminder that judgments are necessary; sometimes you must decide. At such moments, it is best to consider the matter carefully and then commit yourself without reserve. If you are being judged yourself, learn from the process. Take what is of value, correct what needs correcting, but never lose sight of your worth.

Judgment also stands for the feelings that come with salvation. The past and its mistakes are behind you, and you are ready to begin anew. You may even feel a calling - a personal conviction of what you are meant to do. If you are in a low period, in need of hope and absolution, Judgement can show you that renewal is at hand.

This card can be very difficult to read because it represents a final decision. The person is at a point in their life to either forgive or be forgiven for any transgressions

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