F is for Friendship

When a real-life friend deletes you as a contact on a social media site.

Have you ever had this done to you? Was it after a fight on the phone or in person? Better yet, over a post? Did they delete you without notice? Have you deleted someone just to have them request your online friendship again? 

Believe it or not this happens all the time. Today people don't just stop talking to each other after a falling out, they delete them. Sometimes the act of the delete causes the falling out. Have we distanced ourselves so much from each other that the way to break up a friendship or even a relationship is through a social media site? 

I had someone that I considered a good friend stop interacting with me on Facebook. I didn't take it serious or personal because nothing strange happened between us. I am very busy and so are they. The next thing I knew, they delete me as a friend. Out of the blue. I called,  texted, and even emailed trying to get an answer. This was not a Facebook Friend I had never met, this was a real life friend, or so I thought. What could have happened? What did I say or do? 

To this day I have no idea what transpired. What I do know is that anyone that ends a friendship over the internet is not really a friend. 

Friends communicate. 
Friends protect each other.
Friends fight.
Friends hurt each other.
Friends forgive.
Friends ask for forgiveness and never repeat the offense.

An acquaintance deletes you from social media.
An acquaintance doesn't take the time to find out how to fix things.
An acquaintance is temporary.

Anyone can smile at you and call you friend but that doesn't mean that they have what it takes to stick around. 

Do I still wonder about my "friend"? Sometimes. Are my feelings still hurt? No. 

I know who are my true friends.

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