March Featured Artist~ Creative Spirits

My featured artists for the month of March

Creative Spirits 

Specializing in Native American Folk Art, David and Artis create some amazing work. 

From oil paintings to miniatures, they do it all.  Dreamcatchers, spears, ceremonial daggers, leather purses and pouches, you name it, they have made it. All natural bone, leathers, feathers, and semi-precious gemstones are used to create authentic tribal pieces. No two alike.

Located in the Foothills of California you can find these two at the local trade fairs or opening their home to the public for weekend shows.

While David is busy painting away, Artis is at her table putting together some of very pretty South Western jewelry. They both are very camera shy which is why I have only their business card to share.

This picture really doesn't do the miniature justice. To see it in person is truly a delight.

The painting of the horse above reminds me of that song from the Rolling Stones' Wild Horses.

Recently, David's work is reflecting more of a surreal biker sort of vibe. I figure that is due to his love for his Harley. :)

I have only posted a small sample of their work so feel free to give them a call. They would be happy to share images of other artwork, an appointment in person and/or provide a price list if you are interested in purchasing some of their work.

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