Who, Where, and Why~ Happy Hour On The Grid

Everyone loves Happy Hour! Drink specials, great snacks, and time to decompress with friends. Whether you are a frequent partaker of Happy Hour or just once in awhile, here are a few places that are a must in Midtown Sacramento.

Note: This post isn't a plug and I'm not getting any compensation for the reviews. In fact, they are not even aware I'm writing this! Tee Hee

The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar 
It's a cozy lil place with big foods and drinks. The bartenders are artists. And I mean ARTISTS! I'm not a fan of whiskey but this place has made me a believer. Rich, the bartender, puts together amazingly unique concoctions with basil, balsamic, raspberry puree and bourbon.... lordy! Lost my train of thought for a minute.

It isn't just about the drinks, it's everything. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a little speak easy feel... Great for dinner with that special someone or a quick bite and fabulous drink with a friend after work, hence the Happy Hour must! Drop in and stay for awhile. Always a great time to be had at The Red Rabbit.

Cafeteria 15L
When my friends tell me "let's meet at the usual time and place." Cafeteria 15L is the place. I have to confess I was dragged here by a friend last year and haven't regretted it since. The space is open and casual. Always good music playing circa '70s and '80s. Sit up at the bar with Benny and Kevin and not only be entertained but never worry about your glass staying empty. I have to say out of all the bartenders on the Grid, Benny and Kevin are my favorites. They truly know great customer service. Plus they help make the time pass quickly when my not-so punctual friends are, well, not-so punctual (You know who you are...) The drinks are great and the food is perfect for a snack or quick dinner if eating on the lighter side. I suggest the Lettuce Wraps. Perfect! 

My 3rd favorite is Ink Eats and Drinks I have been going here for the past 8 years. Mostly for Sunday Brunch. For now we will talk about their awesome Happy Hour. Just go. If you live in Sacramento and have not been to Ink you should be ashamed of yourself. Really. They have amazing food. Amazing drinks. Christina ,the bar manager, is fantastic. The service is friendly and the atmosphere is hip and comfy. 

A place you can feel comfortable showing up alone and leaving with new friends. 
Ask for the Key Lime Pie Martini. Holy Hell! Of course this isn't on the Happy Hour menu. I'm just getting distracted.

There are a lot of great places in Midtown for Happy Hour. In fact, too many to mention in one blog post. I shared these three because they are consistent with their food, drinks, and service. Places where I simply love hanging out.

There are many other reasons to drop in on these establishments. Happy Hour is just a great way to "try" out a new place without breaking the bank. 

So, where do you go where everyone knows your name?

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