Fit or Fat at 45: Week One of Twenty-One

Even with all the inspiration that is being sent my way I have to say that week one of my Fit or Fat journey was not that great.

I have managed to let some life stresses get the better of me. I didn't gain anymore but I didn't lose either. 

So for this week I am going to be more structured. No more self pity. There are things in life that one cannot control. I can however control my mood. 

No. I'm not moving boulders. I just like the picture!
I mean, just look at it... damn. 

I was pleased to find out today that three of the fitness apps I seldom use (haha, ya...), sync! So in order to keep my motivation going I will be posting my progress reports from my Fit Bit Tracker. Since I made this commitment publicly, I kinda have to do it now.
I have had this device since October of last year. I like it but need to make it work harder for me. Keep me in line with my fitness goals. But like all other apps, it is only as good as the date being input. Now that I can sync to My Fitness Pal app I'm excited. The calorie tracker in the Fit Bit app isn't as robust as the one in My Fitness Pal. I have the best of both worlds without having to toggle information. 

I also started drinking more coffee so I have to cut that out once again. I swear it is a constant struggle... 


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