Crepe Expectations- Why Crepeville Is My Rainy Day Destination

Midtown Sacramento has a wide range of places to eat. Hole in the walls, fine dining, and. burger joints. 

Pictured here is Crepeville. For years  I would pass by this eatery thinking to myself, "who the hell eats crepes on a regular basis?".  Since I started working downtown I have been more adventurous in trying new places. I like to try new foods but usually end up in a rut very quickly. Especially if I like something. Never considered crepes. I'm a living contradiction.

One day, after a co-worker suggested it, I decided to check out Crepeville and see what all the hype was about. 

Holy crap!

The menu alone is amazing. Anything you can think of to put into a crepe is there. Well just about everything. Not only do they have crepes but also sandwiches, salads, pastas, and burgers... mmmm Did I mention cucumber water? 

Since I was a bit overwhelmed I opted for a burger (of course). GREAT burger. Side salad (usually comes with potatoes but I'm not ready for a stroke just yet) and yummy dressing on the side. So I was stuck on those for awhile. Added the tomato basil soup. To die for! I really have nothing to compare too since this is the first place I have actually had tomato soup. It didn't make me gag so it must be good. Right?

Finally, after almost a year, I decided to try a crepe. Imagine that...  of course instead of a desert crepe I opted for an Italian style version. Fantastic! I am picky about marinara sauce since no one can make it as good as my late grandfather used to.  Oh make sure if you order it to add sausage. Come on! That's Italian! 

Although I typically order my food to go, I have the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere while I'm waiting. Very open sitting area. Because Crepeville sits on the corner and dressed with mostly windows, it makes for a scenic downtown vibe. (I was going to include a picture but everybody was staring at me.)... What?

Anyway, today I decided to expand my lunch options and order the 1/2 sandwich 1/2 soup combo. lentil soup and a ham & cheese on wheat. I had forgotten they also add a side of potatoes so I ate a couple. Just  a couple. Don't judge me. 

The sandwich was great and bread toasted perfect. Although I can spend hours praising this fine establishment I was a little bit put off with  the soup. The flavor was nice but they use canned mushrooms. Not a fan of canned anything. Other than that, a fine lunch on a rainy day. 

If you live in the Sacramento area or plan on traveling here, be sure to check them out for wonderful breakfast, brunch or just a nice after dinner desert. 

You won't be disappointed. 

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