You Have the Right to Remain Silent...

...any article or post you comment on can and will be seen by everyone. 

Ah the Internet. Full of articles, posts, social profiles... you name it. A person can comment on just about anything these days. 

Here is what I don't get. So, let's say you have this article on...quilting. Some chick found a new way to quilt and the local newspaper posts the story on their website. Human interest story. You read the article. Then browse down at the comments. The first couple are nice comments asking "what stitch is used?" or "where did they get that fabulous fabric?"

It doesn't take long before there is a comment commenting on another commenter's comment. You still with me? Yeah commenter's is not a word. So comment below about it. Anyway, these comments are usually not very nice. What starts out to be "nice pattern", five comments down the feed turn into "I hope your family dies!". 

These are even people who don't post anonymously! Their picture holding their daughter or family pet is right next to "How stupid are you?!". Watch a Twitter feed for a bit. You will see this too.

Have we really turned into a bunch of jerks? Do we just go on any site and look for errors in other people's comments? Or stuff we feel like being offended by? I doubt most of these mean people actually read the article they are commenting on.

Why can't a comment stick to the article topic? Why does it have to turn into a freaking free for all?

I understand there are political posts and individuals want to have a healthy debate and express their views. I do it on occasion myself. I don't however, belittle anyone because they don't agree with me. I don't call them horrible names or wish ill on their loved ones. 

It's time to stop being mean. Some call being a bully. It's just plain meanness. So stop. K? K.

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