Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

What are dreams? Thoughts and anxieties that we have throughout the day that manifest themselves while we sleep? If so, that dream I had last night about accidentally eating moldy cheese... must be telling me that I stress too much about rotten food. 

What about those dreams that are so damn real? Ever had a dream that a lover was cheating on you? Did it turn out to be true? So maybe dreams or prophetic? 

What about the bad dreams?
Nightmares and night terrors? What are those? Sleep paralysis... never fun, right?

I can't tell you how many times I have had a crazy dream and wanted to write about it only to forget most of it five minutes after I wake up. Some claim they don't dream at all. Or, that dreams don't last more than a few seconds. There are tons of literature on lucid dreams. You know, when you can control what is going on in your dream... Ever try?

What about the myths of dreaming? If you fall and hit the ground in a dream you will die in real life.
Seriously? How do we know this to be true? I suppose that is why it is called a myth. 

There are so many ways of dreaming. 

Songs have been written about dreaming. California Dreaming by the Mama's and the Papa's is one of my all time favorites. Dream of Me by OMD is another fave.

Anyone born in or coming to the United States has The American Dream.

Dream Boards! Put your wishes and hopes on a board and through good works, your dreams will come true.  

Daydreaming... such bliss. 

The most important thing to remember? Never stop dreaming.

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