Social Media: Unprofessional Habits on a Professional Network

I am on LinkedIn. I happen to think a professional networking site is a great idea. No drama about who did who's boyfriend or "like this photo or ignore and your grandma dies" kinda crap. Okay maybe the who did who's boyfriend was a little overkill. 

Anyway, in the past year I have been more and more involved with networking on LinkedIn. I am not too thrilled with the fact that you HAVE to know your contacts. It is against the rules of the networking site to request a connection with someone you do not know. I get it, reduces spam and the drama you left on Facebook but still... the goal is to NETWORK. Most don't pay attention to this rule (myself included) and connect with as many people we can until LinkedIn restricts us. At that point you have to know the other person's email address before you can send a request. Cool.

Now we just comment in public with our email addresses and people can request connections, bypassing the "rule". I'm fine with that cause the more I have on my network, the more exposure I get. 

What I am not a fan of is people endorsing each other's skills even if they do not know them. I will not endorse someone's skill set unless I know them personally, professionally, or have seen proof of a specific skill being achieved. Well today I get this email from a new connection:

Via Linked in

J M. C L.
Chief of Safety and Occupational Health

To: R. Michelle  

Date: January 25, 2014

Dear R. Michelle  
I have the honor to have her contact
valid Their skills and knowledge and I hope reciprocal to Strengthen
I have endorsed all your 50 skills, hope you will reciprocate.
Best Regards

Now I edited his name and left out his picture because I'm not a complete bitch and I'm sure there would be some kind of legal ramifications... yet this is WORD FOR WORD what he wrote to me. I didn't ask for him to "valid Their skills". I don't know you. I won't validate yours. I understand that there is a little language barrier Mr. C. but you really should try harder to translate the fact that you want me to lie on your behalf. This is a prime example why the professional networking site requires you know each other prior to connecting; ruining it for those that are professional and don't make ridiculous requests. 

This site is not meant to be a popularity contest. BTW, you wouldn't believe how many emails I get asking for a date or tell me how mature I look and they want to get to know me better. Wait. What? Thanks? 

Let's keep this kind of behavior on the other social media sites where they belong. 

In the meantime, let's stay classy LinkedIn Members!

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