Monday, Monday... Feels Good To Me

As part of my 2014 Goals, I decided to start my day with a short 15 minute yoga session. This morning was a little challenging. Waking up with a headache and not much sleep because my furry kids decided to go ape shit at 3am... I wasn't exactly motivated to do anything but pop some Advil and go back to sleep. 

I have several Yoga DVDs but always go back to one. I use an AM/PM Yoga for Beginners DVD. After 6 years I am still a beginner because I never stuck to it. Not because I didn't like doing yoga, I love it. I would just have something else more pressing in my mind to do. Anyway, it is a great DVD. I posted a link to it the right hand side of my blog. 

I highly recommend it. 

So, after forcing my self into downward dog, I was able to get into the mood and actually finish the 15 minute session. This may seem like a very small accomplishment to most but to me, oh yea!I did it! Woo hoo!!! 

My other goal for 2014 is to eat breakfast and make it more nutritional. So my hot green tea, banana, and 2 scrambled egg breakfast hit the spot. 

It's a small step but with dedication anything is possible.

 New Year, new me.

Now if only this headache would go away...

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