So it is the beginning of January. Most of us have made some goals for 2014. Not resolutions, but goals. I'm not going to get philosophical regarding the difference between the two. It's just different. In my mind anyway.

Do you make goals and get discouraged and stop? What discourages you? What road blocks are in your way? Who tells you that you can't and you listen? Of course people are going to say, YOU. You are the reason you get discouraged because if you really want it, you will get it.

Now let's get back to reality. We have our doubts and self-perceived limitations. Yes, they may be self-perceived but that is the strongest doubt out there. Ours.

Okay, now that we know we set ourselves up to fail every year let's take some baby steps.

Me? I had so much going on but not getting much done. So in 2013 I decided to have yearly goals set. Things I wanted to accomplish during this time. They were pretty huge. Overwhelming in fact. How did I break it down?

Goals for 2013

Then I made monthly goals. Not all at once, just at the beginning of each month. I listed what had to happen in that month in order to get closer to my yearly goal/s.

Goals for January 2013
  • Yoga 3x's a week
  • Submit licensing fees for insurance license/bonding
  • Buy and use a planner
  • Pull credit reports
  • Research blogging sites
Then I created a weekly goal in order to reach my monthly goal which in turn would get me closer to my yearly goal. My daily to-dos were what came up in the course of life events. My real lists had far more to-dos and that is what messed me up a little. I didn't keep it simple and attainable. I wanted to conquer the world in 2013. 

Although I did not reach all of my 2013 goals, I did reach some. I moved forward. I'm not the pioneer of the to-do list by any means. I just customized it. I also learned to keep it simple. 2014 is already feeling like a success. 

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