Fork In the Road

Which way do you go? Do you go down the left or the right? 

If you take the wrong path can others judge you? Whose to say you are headed in the wrong direction in the first place?

Is it really so important that everyone believe the same? 

Because I don't go to church or worship your god I'm going to burn in hell fire? I haven't killed anyone. I don't cheat or steal. I love my mom and dad. Besides, isn't that up to the big guy to decide anyway? 

I took the wrong path once. I doubled back and went the way I was supposed to. Not because someone told me but because the direction I was headed didn't feel right for me. It wasn't where I was meant to be. 

I had someone tell me today to repent for "he is coming and I will surely pay for my ways."
What a great approach! Unfortunately for that person, I happen to know my way around the Good Book. What about those that don't? Those who are verbally beat up in the name of being saved? It's too bad.

Don't get me wrong there are bad apples in every faith. I don't want you to think I'm picking on Christians. People are killed in the Middle East for not believing they way they "should". Religious wars have been fought. People have been slaughtered. Women, men, and even children burned at the stake for being heretics (allegedly). Why? Can't we just live and let live?

I've met more Christ-Like people that are not even Christian. They don't preach hate. They don't try to scare you. They show their love for you and their god/s. They are humble and try to be encouraging to others. 

I have great friends in many different faiths and cultures. I adore each and everyone of them. I learn something new everyday. I may not agree with their beliefs but I respect them. They respect me. At the end of the day it isn't what book you read from or what god or gods you bow down to, it's how you behave. How you treat others. 

We preach tolerance but not acceptance. 

There is a difference.

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