Food: Honey Don'ts

I love honey. I put it on my oatmeal, in my tea, and sometimes just a straight spoonful. 

In the past I didn't really read labels. Not because I didn't care but because I was tired of taking my reading glasses out of my purse. 

Ok, so I didn't care... I would buy whatever was reasonable in price. You can imagine my shock when I finally paid attention to the honey I was putting in my tea. Thankfully this was not eaten straight but still gross.
Oh, it gets better

It's now in the garbage. I don't care what could have been done with it. I think it belongs in the garbage. 

You get what you pay for.

My new favorite pass time is farmer's markets. At farmer's markets you can get some really delicious honey like Bariani Raw Honey. They make olive oil too but haven't gotten around to trying it. They are a little pricey but let me tell you; the BEST! It's Italian and made in California! Mangia!

What are your favorite recipes using honey? 

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