Fit Or Fat At Forty-Five? Part 1 in a Series

Exactly 6 months from today I will be 45 years old. Like the majority of Americans I am not in shape and need to lose a good amount of weight. 

Like everyone else that is overweight I have tried many different ways of getting fit and losing the extra pounds. Fad diets, supplements, personal trainers (2 days, not 2 days a week just 2 days...), and whatever else that seems to be "effective" that's on the market. 

I have however gradually changed my diet and activity levels. As of today I don't eat fast food or drink sodas. I am not one that craves sweets so I don't have to worry about a donut temptation. I have started using coconut milk and love it. Kale salads are amazing. I'm finding wonderful healthy foods. I have even reduced my alcohol consumption. Once a week Happy Hour with friends and none at home. I also do not eat after 8pm and make sure that I am drinking plenty of water. 

Coffee has been replaced with green tea. Well, I cheat on the coffee from time to time. I love coffee.... LOVE IT! 


Where was I? Oh yeah.. 

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have started up yoga again. As of today I am practicing yoga at least once a day.
I have been doing this since the 1st of the year so I am very excited that I have finally stuck to something. I know some say, "well it isn't the end of the month yet and most people quit by mid February". Well I usual quit after a week so I think I'm making some progress. I also incorporated little things like parking further away from the store or taking the stairs whenever possible. Walking more. I have a Fit Bit tracker which motivates me to take more steps. Or swing my arm erratically
 to trigger the tracker. Just kidding but if you have one, try it. You could be walking 50k in steps a day from the comfort of your couch.

One very important component to reaching my fitness goals? Reducing my stress level. Believe it or not, stress plays a huge part in weight loss/gain. Not to mention your mental health. This hasn't been easy due to unforeseen occurrences and daily life struggles. Everyday I find ways to my Zen. 

Since the 1st of the year I have lost about 4 lbs. Not as much as I would like but then again I didn't exactly gain the weight overnight. Shit takes time and most importantly dedication.

In the past 23 days I have fully committed to being healthy so in order to continue my journey (gods I hate that word...journey.. so cliché) anyways.. I'm going to document my weekly progress up through the week of my 45th birthday. Obviously I am not going to lose nearly the weight I want in six months because that would be unhealthy and unrealistic; but I will be closer to my ultimate wellness goal. 

I'm excited for this new chapter in my life to unfold. It isn't going to be easy but I am determined to be fit at 45.

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