Because I can

How often do we hear that today? "Because I can." 

It explains the attitudes of people today. This post kind of ties into the one I did last week. Being mean on the Internet. 

This attitude has dug deep in today's society. We are empowered to do whatever we want, only God can judge us, YOLO... You may be asking yourself, "well, what is wrong with that outlook?" I'm not sure there is anything "wrong" but there should be a limit to this way of thinking. We all need to remember what we do does in fact effect those around us. It doesn't matter if we even know them. I'm not talking about being offended. I have a whole other post coming out about being offended. 

Let's take the term YOLO for a minute. You Only Live Once. No, you live everyday. You die once. So those crazy things you do because you can, you will have to live with the consequences later. It's not like trying something new like water skiing. People are doing horrible or just flat out irresponsible things these days while quoting YOLO. The fact of the matter is, learning how to water ski mostly likely won't impact others around you in a bad way. Unless you suck at it like me.

How about only God can judge me? Well that is pretty accurate. I bet most that say this haven't even stepped foot into church or even pray. Cool. We should not judge each other. We all are guilty of something. Just don't set out to do something shocking for the pure pleasure of stating the obvious. Remember, whatever  you do will effect you as well as others. Wanna get drunk and smoke a little weed? Cool. Take pictures and post it on Instagram or Facebook? Sure? Get fired? Not Hired? Upset Aunt Claire? Go for it. 

Cause and effect my friends. Cause and effect.

Because I can should be motivation to do better and get out of our comfort zone. Challenge ourselves to reach levels we never thought we could. Overcome disruptive habits. Not an excuse as to why we cheat in our relationships, lie to, engage in self-destructive acts, or manipulate others. 

Just because "you can" doesn't always mean that you should.

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