All About the Art

Do you paint? Draw? Write? If not, have you ever wanted to? Why not give it try? Add it to your 2014 goals. Paint a picture! 

My parents are artists. In fact most of my family are artists in some fashion. I don't do nearly as much as I should. It's therapy. An escape in thoughts... visions. I started back in the 1990's doing oils and mostly surreal work..

Then I kept going. I love drawing faces...This one I did of an older woman's picture on the back of a Reno News and Review magazine. To this day I couldn't tell you what the picture was for or who she was. My pencil was the "Fountain of Youth" that day! 

Of course like every artist, I have a little bit of a darkside... ;)
I would never suggest doing a checkerboard theme unless you are really into torture. The first one I did with the rose, should have taught me a lesson. 
I started listing my work online then a couple of of art shows. I received a lot of compliments but no one really wanted to hang them in the house. So I listed some on eBay (r). I was so excited to sell 5 to the same person in Baton Rouge!! Not for much but it was a great ego boost!

I didn't take classes. Ya, I have my family influences but I mostly learned from trial and error. My perspective is horrible! I can't match up eyes to nose to mouth to save my life. I don't care. I love to create. A little bit of my soul is in each and every one of my paintings and drawings. 

If I can do it. You can do it. 

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